resource list & initiative for dance music fans to commit to direct action in anti-racism efforts.


Dancers For Direct Action is an initiative offered to white and non-black people in dance music. We are committed to sharing resources and donations to primarily Black-led organizations and individuals.


Underground dance music is in a distinct position of directly profiting from the works of Black artists, often without crediting them. Meanwhile those same Black creators remain subject to systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence.


While present protests respond to ever-increasing police brutality, this initiative is more necessary than ever. Continued direct action is a critical element of moving towards a more just world. Direct action includes protests, strikes, contribution of labor, financial support of Black artists, and donations to causes that prioritize Black people.


Dancers for Direct Action requests that you commit to providing a relationship to labor and/or financial support towards one or more of these organizations as a form of reparation. Our initiative does not request or require a specific amount, especially as many in our industry are not currently employed; rather, the initiative seeks a commitment to any direct action you're capable of providing.


We believe collective commitment can make a difference.


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